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The John Gaspar Soccer Academy was founded in 2004 to bring soccer in the Peoria metro area to a higher level of involvement, excitement, quality, and skill. The experience and vision of the founder, including his high quality developmental training and coaching expertise has had a tremendous impact in which the level of the game is played in the Peoria metro area.

training programSoccer is a game requiring great individual skill, imagination, creativity, and decision-making. The Academy Developmental Program offers parents the opportunity to get the most value for their money. The Program is open to anyone, male or female, starting at the age of five years old through high school.

To develop a well-rounded player involves a series of building blocks that a "trainer" helps to add piece by piece in a sensible order. Just as your child's school system wouldn't attemp to offer calculus before the students had mastered arithmetic, there can be no effective "tactics" unless players have acquired sufficient skill to physically execute what they have decided to try.

Parents and players must always keep in mind, to teach and correct individual soccer technique takes a lot of patience and repetition. Parents give your players a chance to feel good whenever they play soccer.


The Soccer Centre
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