It has been a long time since I’ve seen or talked to you and not sure you’ll even remember me. But no matter all that, I wanted to say Thank You!

Thank you for all your time, dedication and mainly your passion and love for the game. I had many coaches throughout my years growing up but non “taught” me the game like you were able to. No one got me to play the game with my mind like you were able to. It didn’t matter to you my stature, you always instilled in my that I belonged on that field no matter who the opponent. I tried at one point in my life to retire and stop playing but I couldn’t. I love playing the game too much to stop playing. As I approach the “old” age of 40, I continue to play in open divisions b/c I can still compete at a high level. I may not be able to run as fast or kick as hard but as you taught me, move without the ball and see the game happening 4-5 moves ahead of everyone else out there. Thank you!

I now have two small kids of my own. I have a daughter 7 and a son 5 and have taken up to coaching their teams. I tried to sit on the sidelines with the other parents and enjoy them playing as they stated out but soon realized they were not getting the proper coaching so decided to take on the task myself and really enjoy it. I was telling Mom about their practices one day and I remarked that I will not let them touch the ball with their hands at all during the practice and she said “oh my gosh, John Gaspar use to do the same thing with you guys” and I guess it really hit me then your influence on my soccer career has come full circle. Thank you!

If I can teach my kids/teams half the stuff you taught me they will turn out to be excellent players and students of the game.

You are the reason I learned the game, you are the reason I was an all-conference selection, you are the reason I earned a D-I scholarship, you are the reason I still play the game, you are the reason I now couch, and you are the reason I love this game.

I wish I could give you more but all I have is THANK YOU!

I hope this finds you well and all the best with you Soccer Academy!!!

Mitch Prunty


The Soccer Centre
412 East Moneta Avenue
Peoria Heights, IL 61616
(309) 397-9209


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