Developmental Training

The Primary purpose of the Academy is to give every child an equal opportunity in their soccer careers to develop motor skills, agility, speed, coordination and the basic soccer fundamentals. We strive to provide an environment where entry-level players can enjoy their first soccer experience free from pressure. Children in the Academy will enjoy being with their friends and will be encouraged to be active with their school activities.

American culture and society wants instant success. This mentality does not allow the technical and tactical components of a player's skill level to evolve.

While the mental, technical and tactical skills suffer, the physical components of the player's game moves front and center in the impatience of instant reward environment.

There is no shortcut to sucess - it comes from hours of training and a strong work ethic.

At the older level, mental attitude is revealing.

Players who have a very high work ethic and a battling attitude will rise to the top of the class. That is not a coachable characteristic.

 That comes from within.



For more information please contact John Gaspar

At (309) 397- 9209 Day & Evening or at


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Group I on Black Sunday

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The Soccer Centre
412 East Moneta Avenue
Peoria Heights, IL 61616
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